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Prior to Cleaning  

How to get the most from your cleaning service

  1. We, as a courtesy, can move an item or two of furniture.  Be sure to point out to the technician what items you would like moved.  If you will need extensive furniture moving, please let the office staff know so we can bring additional manpower and/or allow for additional time on your job.  Also, depending on the extent of furniture to be moved there wil be additional cost.  We do not move breakable items, electronics, or any furniture items that may break or cause us to break something if moved
  2. The areas to be cleaned must be vacuumed.  If you are unable to do this please let the office staff know so that we can schedule additional time for that service and let you know the additional cost.
  3. Most carpets need to be pre-treated so do not move furniture to the center of the room or into traffic areas.
  4. Please have a parking space available reasonably close to an entrance and if you will need to leave while we are cleaning have your vehicle moved so we aren't blocking it in.
  5. If possible, please have an outside faucet available to turn on.

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