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Pet Damage Repair  

We Love Your Pets Just Like You Do

Your lovable pet sometimes can wreak havoc on your carpet and furniture.  We offer a variety of solutions for "fido's fits".

Carpet RepairIf your lovable companion has "dug" a hole in the carpet we can fix it.  Usually we will make a patch and seam it in to fix the problem.  Using your actual carpet is best when those repairs are being made in a visible area.  Usually we will remove a piece of your carpet from a closet to make the patch.  In the closet we will replace with a remnant.  We can, or you should provide the piece of "similar" carpet for the closet replacement.  Most carpet retailers will have "sample" pieces that they sell inexpensively.  Choose one that you like for us to use.  We can bring a replacement piece, but the choice is limited.

Pet Urine Damage .  If "Mr Fido" has used the carpet as a toilet we offer solutions for that too :-)  I will suggest an in home inspection to determine the extent and depth of the problem.  Carpet, in most cases, can be successfully cleaned, decontaminated and deodorized for a satisfactory result.  If the damage is into the carpet padding, the padding cannot be cleaned and deodorized.  We then will remove the areas of damaged padding, replace it with new padding.  At that time we will clean the backing of the carpet and apply an enzyme deodorant to kill the offending odor.  The carpet is then reinstalled, cleaned, decontaminated and deodorized.  Our clients are very happy with the results of our pet damage repairs.  If, upon inspection, we advise carpet replacement, Advanced Carpet Care has a team of professionals that will remove your carpet and replace it with beautiful new carpet of your choice.  We can bring samples directly to your home or you can visit our distributors showroom and look at hundreds, even thousands of different carpets and other floorcoverings.

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